Our approach

At Conner Wealth Management Group we approach the financial planning process in a way that helps the client use their wealth to achieve what is most important to them. Our approach has five steps that are intended to help direct the planning in a way that gets to the heart of how one's money can best be invested and used to maintain their desired lifestyle and matters of greatest significance.

Discover purpose

When discovering a client's purpose ​​​​​​at Conner Wealth Management Group, we will delve into the areas of life that often go undiscussed in traditional financial planning, issues such as the people who are important to you; the physical location or place you live or desire to live; and the passions that bring value to your life. We believe that when you help a client discover their purpose, the true process of meaningful financial planning begins. The first step in the approach to planning at Conner Wealth Management Group is not just asking the traditional financial questions: when do you want to retire and how much money do you need. Instead, we believe meaningful financial planning is about getting to the true value of wealth:

  • Who are the people that are important to you?
  • How do you want to care for them financially?
  • What location or place do you desire to live?
  • How does that desired life look
  • What are the passions, interests, and hobbies that bring fulfilment and joy?

These are the questions that guide people to living their desired lifestyle.

Gain perspective

When gaining perspective on a client's financial situation we seek to uncover the relationships between one's financial assets. This is where the client discloses all their financial information in order for us to gain a clear and accurate understanding of their current situation.

Building a plan

When building a financial plan for our clients we use all the available smart technology to put together a probability analysis that allows us to make recommendations that have the least amount of risk, or volatility and puts our clients in the best position possible to accomplish their desired lifestyle.

Present proposal

When presenting the proposal for the individual financial plan that has been determined from the planning process, we give the client an honest assessment of how obtainable their goals and objectives actually are. We then work with them to determine which goals are most realistic and how to adjust their priorities in order to achieve as much of their desired lifestyle as possible. It is at this time that specific investment strategies are discussed and proposed in order to reach a plan that the client is comfortable with.

Oversee progress

Overseeing the progress of a client's financial plan is a step that is continuous. During every review period, the team at Conner Wealth Management Group does a reevaluation and builds on that initial conversation to determine if and how their purpose has changed. In this step a client's lifestyle is reassessed to make sure that their investment strategies are still meeting their desired lifestyle and are being adjusted to meet the ever changing aspects of one's life. We are determined to go beyond the traditional review process that simply reports a client's performance and not the progress of their portfolio relative to their personal goals.

What is important to you?

Because our approach is driven by your uniquely-identified goals, you need to be prepared to devote an honest and transparent effort to the planning process. We discuss the following topics in detail, as they pertain to you: 

  • Retirement age
  • Income needs
  • Leaving a bequest
  • Travel
  • Gifts or donations
  • Major purchases
  • New business opportunities
  • Home purchases
  • College funding
  • Wedding planning
  • Private or public school
  • Home improvement
  • Care needs
  • Celebration planning/milestone events
  • Healthcare
  • Or any other goals of client importance

We also devote time to identifying and addressing major concerns specific to you, such as not having a paycheck, suffering investment losses, costs of healthcare or long-term care, running out of money before death and any other worries you may have. 

Through working with RBC Wealth Management and guiding you through the Conner Wealth Management Group’s unique wealth planning process, we offer you a full suite of approaches and solutions, customized to your needs.

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