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Working with Garth and the Conner Wealth Management Group

As an Accredited Wealth Manager® and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, with three decades of experience, Garth has created a very defined process of working with clients that not only helps them meet their traditional financial goals but establishes the more important issues of life bringing what he refers to as purpose to the financial planning process. Purpose at the Conner Wealth Management Group brings value to the wealth planning process that goes beyond simply accumulating assets, to allowing your financial success to serve the passions that are significant to you. 

Vision Statement

To help you overcome your emotional response to the marketplace so you can live your desired lifestyle.

Our core beliefs and approach

We believe that a portfolio not in service to a well-crafted wealth management plan is pure speculation, and we choose not to speculate. In addition, we feel the goal of traditional financial outlets is to attempt to elicit an emotional response by selling you timely information, whereas we believe that the truth is timeless.

As your family’s financial stewards, we create a comprehensive, disciplined investment plan that provides for your desired lifestyle. This plan is developed from your goals, dreams, values, concerns and risk tolerance. We implement your investment plan with integrity, risk reduction techniques and extraordinary ongoing service. Our written service model is individualized and provides ongoing communication and periodic review of your personalized plan. We continually compare your progress relative to your life goals and recommend changes as needed.

Join us for upcoming seminars and events

We are fortunate to host educational seminars and events for our clients and the community exploring a variety of topics. Our events provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge and engage with us as you learn more about a specific topic. Please contact us for more information regarding a specific seminar or event.

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Live on purpose

Learn more about Garth and his team’s core philosophy and purpose.

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