Our equity strategy

We are pleased to provide a better understanding of our beliefs and approach to investing your capital in the equities markets (stock market). Our goal is to compound capital at an above-average rate, while incurring a below-average level of risk of losing permanent capital. Our approach is based on these core beliefs:

  • We believe the worst investment enemy is the investor themselves, being fearful or emotional at the wrong time. Investor behavior creates bargains and mispriced assets; we bring considerable discipline to buy when some are fearful and sell when others are overenthusiastic.
  • We believe many investors are too active, having heard that “no one ever went broke taking a profit.” We also don’t believe you will get rich with this philosophy.
  • We believe most investors overdiversify. How much do you know about your 50th holding?
  • We believe the terms “growth” and “value” are not mutually exclusive investing styles. The most important component in determining the value of a company or security is the future growth opportunity.
  • We do not get involved with the hot fads of the day.

Quality businesses that do the work for you

  • Competitively advantaged businesses
  • Compounding companies
  • Reinvestment opportunities
  • Experienced management
Seek out superior businesses with
defensive moats:
  • Durable, predictable, high return on invested capital and free cash flow
  • Identifiable, sustainable competitive advantages
  • Easy to understand
  • Have strong sustainable pricing power
  • Strong balance sheets 
  • How likely will the moat be intact in 10 years?
  • Is the product or service a good deal from the customer’s point of view?
Extensive opportunities to reinvest
free cash flow organically or
through acquisitions:
  • Pattern of discipline reinvestment that generates  compelling compounded growth
Highly skilled managers who treat
their shareholders as partners:
  • Pursue highest return on incremental dollar invested
  • Exceptional skill, integrity and passion
  • Indifferent to Wall Street’s short-term focus
  • Lean corporate culture fosters independence accountability
  • Capital allocation: Does management thoughtfully weigh dividends, buybacks, mergers and acquisitions, and debt repayment?


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While our investor approach does not change, we always try to apply these principles more effectively. This requires a continuous application of humility, feedback and accountability. To learn more about our equity strategy in full, view here or contact us today.