Prepare. Pursue. Preserve.

At the Corridor Investment Group our mission is to help our clients PREPARE for the emotional transition of retirement, help give them the peace of mind to PURSUE their dreams while retired, and implement strategies to insure they PRESERVE their wealth to leave a lasting legacy.


Comfort based planning with your retirement assets

The net worth puzzle

When helping clients make financial decisions, I attempt to view their net worth and happiness as a large puzzle with many moving pieces. Although many financial decisions are able to be measured as a numerical value, they are often just one piece of the client’s overall well-being. My goal is to help open-up the possibilities of how you can use your money today so it helps provide you the greatest positive impact in your life. Your net worth is measurable while your happiness is more challenging to quantify. A customized Wealth Plan will help you fit these two pieces together and evaluate the true impact of your long-term net worth and happiness. Understanding the trade-offs that come with these decisions that can make a difference in your life or others is challenging, but can be very gratifying and enjoyable at the same time.

To request a consultation to experience our process without cost or obligation, please contact us. During the initial consultation my goal is to determine what overall situation is best for a client going forward. To learn more on how that process works, please visit my blog.

Proud to be a Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Management Team

We are proud to be recognized by Forbes in 2024 as a Best-in-State Wealth Management Team.

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