Our standards of operation for our clients 

Mission statement
As your financial advisor I will always put your best interests first. I will work as your personal CFO to provide you with the guidance, resources, and solutions necessary for you to achieve your financial goals and dreams. I understand the extraordinary opportunities and challenges that define your life, and I apply our wealth of expertise to help you successfully manage these complex issues. Our team works with you to design a strategy that aligns with your values and addresses your evolving needs.

As our client, we will adhere to the following commitments:
  • We will always put your best interests first.
  • We will be prudent stewards of your assets.
  • We will consult with you, not try to “sell” you.
  • We will strive to accumulate, protect, and preserve your wealth.
  • Your needs will be assessed thoroughly.
  • We will always provide accurate and timely information.
  • We will strive to provide you a level of service that will exceed your greatest expectations.
  • We will strive to provide you with world class wealth management planning.
  • We will proactively call and meet with you on a regular basis.
  • Our relationship will always remain strictly confidential.
  • We will work with you to create long term financial solutions for you and your family.
Our service commitment to you:
  • We will proactively reach out to you at least every three months, typically more often.
  • We will have a formalized process in place regarding our communications.
  • We will ask to meet in person with you at least twice per year.
  • You will have a clear agenda well before our scheduled meetings.
  • We will always return your calls promptly.
  • We will work as your personal Chief Financial Officer.
  • We will listen to your questions, needs, and desires and provide you with appropriate solutions given your unique situation.
  • We will gladly collaborate with your other advisors or family members if you so desire.
Our investment process:
  • We will seek to understand your individual situation; risk tolerance, goals, time horizons, cash flow needs, tax status, and your investment experience.
  • Our investment process will be clear, understandable, repeatable, and easily communicated to you.
  • We put great value on risk when designing your portfolio.
  • We will provide you with performance reporting that will show you exactly and clearly how the portfolio has performed.
  • We will strive to efficiently earn the highest return for the amount of risk being taken.
  • In our opinion, it is not how much you make when the markets are going up, it is how much you do not lose when the markets are going down.
  • Our investment philosophy is guided by patience, discipline, and a long-term approach. Our portfolio’s do not “chase returns."
  • We will consistently and tactically monitor, adjust, and rebalance portfolio’s given your specific situation.
  • We will use only world class money managers and investment vehicles that are proven in varying situations over reasonable amounts of time.
  • We will stay disciplined and unemotional when selecting our investments.
  • We will constantly and consistently keep you up to date and informed on your portfolio.
  • Our consulting fees will be transparent at all times.
  • We will closely monitor all of your investments.
  • We will fire managers when necessary.

Curtis A. McKay
Vice President – Financial Advisor, Consulting Group, RBC Wealth Management
My direct line: 301-309-2618
Toll Free: 877-432-1033
Fax: 301-309-2681
111 Rockville Pike, Suite 825 Rockville MD 20850

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