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At RBC Wealth Management we are constantly striving to make our company one of the best in the business, and part of that is keeping up with evolving technologies. This website will never take the place of our direct communication, but I think it can serve as a helpful supplement to make sure the information you need is always at your finger tips - from your account activity to the latest market commentary. I see it as one more way for us to stay connected.

Core beliefs

  • As a Financial Advisor, I am committed to providing the highest level of investment consulting and wealth management services for the benefit of my clients.
  • I offer unbiased investment advice and recommendations to clients who require objective analysis and personalized service. My approach is aligned with interests of my clients.
  • I work with clients to develop a strategic wealth management plan which integrates risk tolerance, asset allocations, time horizons and expected returns within the framework of their financial goals and objectives. After the plan is implemented, regular contact between my clients and me is essential to help ensure a disciplined and continuous cycle of investment success.
  • I believe in assisting my clients by making decisions on their behalf and solely in their best interest. By working together with the client’s other advisors, we can provide customized and timely strategies that will allow clients to look past the short-term distractions and focus on their overall wealth management objectives.

Prepare for Risks by Stress Testing Your Fixed Income Portfolio Today

Ensure your investments will perform well for retirement by mitigating any potential risks now.  It is possible to “stress test” your portfolio to explore for possible weaknesses in a rising rate environment.  I can use this information to take steps now to manage potential risks, so you can feel confident your investments are well prepared to help fund the retirement you want.  Please contact me today to set up a portfolio review.

Uncertainty everywhere

We are downgrading our stance on equities to Underweight. At the same time, we lay out the developments we are watching for that could put us back in an environment where future rewards considerably outweigh near-term risks. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.


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I welcome you to experience the RBC Wealth Management difference yourself. Contact me today to set up a meeting.

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