Conversation starters:


  • What do you see yourself doing in 5, 10, and 20 year's time?
  • What worries you?
  • Do you tend to be optimistic or pessimistic?
  • What events in your life have influenced your perspective about money?
  • How is your health?
  • How is your family's health?
  • What is the most important lifestyle goal that you would like to achieve (travel, second home, etc.)?
  • What are you passionate about that is related to your financial picture?

What / When / Who / How

  • What things are most important to you in selecting a financial advisor?
  • When do you (or will you) feel the most confident financially? 
  • Who are the people most important to you?
  • How do you want those people to benefit from your financial success?
  • How confident do you feel about your current financial situation?


  • Do you feel like you're currently accomplishing (or on track to accomplish) your financial goals?
  • What was your best and worse financial or investment decision?
  • What was the outcome?
  • What is your current source of income and how is that likely to change in the next three years?
  • What new assets do you expect to receive (stock options, inheritance, etc.)?
  • Are you (or will you be) paying for education expenses for anyone in your family?
  • Do you have updated estate documents (wills, power of attorney, Do Not Resuscitate document, trust agreements, etc.)? 
  • Who is your executor, trustee, and/or guardian in these documents?
  • Do you have a 401(k) or other retirement plan through your employer?
  • How much are you contributing?
  • Does the company provide a match?
  • How are the funds invested?
  • Do you have investment accounts outside of your employer plans?
  • How is it managed?
  • What is the risk level of the specific assets?
  • How are you paying for it?
  • What has the performance been? 
  • What life insurance do you have?
  • Is it enough?


  • How do you want to be remembered by your family?
  • How do you want to distribute your wealth after you're gone?
  • Are charitable contributions important to you? Which charities?
  • What plans do you have in place to minimize taxes to your estate when you're gone?

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