Investment philosophy

Managing wealth

  • Trying to predict the short-term direction of any market is futile. Having a life-long plan will translate into greater confidence in the future, regardless of what the markets may be doing today.
  • One of the greatest risks to investor success is behavior and emotions. Having a disciplined process, and making investment decisions based on ones values and goals can help reduce risk.

Client portfolio management

  • Careful asset allocation can be a significant contributor to long-term portfolio success.
  • Historically, ownership of equities has helped contribute to long-term portfolio growth, as well as, hedging against inflation risk.
  • We believe laddering fixed-income investments on an individual security basis helps reduce risk & provides income.

Client relationships

  • It is essential that our clients have confidence in our integrity, competence and advice.
  • We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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