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EagleView Wealth Management Group has been providing service to local and national clients for a combined 100+ years. Over that time, we have developed a suite of expertise that was derived from listening to our clients’ needs and providing solutions that factored in rising and falling economies and the global expansion of the world at large.

As our knowledge and expertise changed, so did the profile of who we could best serve. Those with a greater asset base typically need more sophisticated solutions and it is those individuals that we feel would be a good match for our business. However, as you will see below, investable assets are not the only criteria we are seeking. We also are seeking investors, individual or institutional, who believe that we can help them. 

Characteristics of our ideal client

•Seeking the assistance of a financial-services professional. We want to work with those who truly want help managing their financial life.
•Willing to listen to our advice. Through our many years of experience, we believe we are perfectly suited to provide a holistic approach to wealth management that touches on all aspects of growing, preserving and transferring wealth.
•Looking for a long-term relationship. We want to establish relationships where we can provide value through many years and generations.
•Trust. We feel we are able to provide the most suitable services and solutions when our clients trust us enough to share all their financial information with us.
•$1 million or greater in investable assets. The level of expertise we have allows us to help create and implement solutions for sophisticated financial situations.
•Have complex needs. As odd as it might sound, we thrive on helping straighten out a tangled financial situation. Through our own expertise and access to both local and global resources, we are well prepared to help solve even the most diverse needs.
•Have recently experienced the loss of a spouse. Our team has perfected the craft of listening to their particular needs and helping them sort out the myriad of financial issues that result from this particular life event.
•Are a corporate fiduciary, a company retirement plan or endowment fund and want a seasoned professional team to help guide them through the new and challenging legislation.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from our assistance, please contact us. We would value the opportunity to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.

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