What is important to you?

Professional wealth management helps you answer this question, prioritize your objectives and prepare to accomplish them. Our team is here to help with the financial side of achieving those goals—it’s central to everything we do. Our team of financial advisors with a variety of esteemed credentials are here to help you establish a wealth plan with your goals in mind.

What is a wealth plan?

In its simplest terms, a wealth plan is a monetary roadmap to achieve both your personal goals and financial health. Soon after enrolling as an FPI Group client, you will begin a discussion with your financial advisor about identifying your long-term and short-term financial goals. With your assistance, we begin collecting all the available information about your income (present and future), liabilities (current and aspirational), investments and return, insurance, cash flow and tax rates. Once this step is completed, the data is summarized for you into an easy-to-read document which not only gives you a snapshot of your current financial outlook, but also allows you to see the impact of individual changes as either circumstances or goals change.

Why wealth planning should be important to you

While the basics of finance traditionally are relatively easy to grasp, the nuances and permutations throughout a lifetime of constantly-changing events and circumstances are not. With a wealth plan in place, you are far more likely to feel the peace of mind that a well-managed future can bring.

Why is wealth planning important to The FPI Group?

At The FPI Group, we know that there are several factors that influence your risk tolerance. Your age, your income, your goals and your emotional relationship with money all work together to determine which types of investments are most comfortable for you. A customized wealth plan gives us a solid foundation on which to offer you the investment strategy, recommendations and advice most appropriate for you.

How long does it take to create a wealth plan?

In general, we’d like to have about five business days after the information is collected. We can either send you a detailed questionnaire or we can set up a phone interview with you to collect the information—whichever’s easiest or more convenient for you.

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