Client services

  • An initial consultation and thorough evaluation of a client’s financial picture, goals, and risk tolerance prior to any recommendations being made    
  • A customized investment and asset allocation plan based upon client’s risk tolerance, goals and current portfolio
  • A comprehensive plan based not on products, but long-term goals
  • An in-person meeting with our team annually to review client’s financial position in relation to goals — topics covered may include account updates, asset allocation review, portfolio status, retirement sensitivity analysis, capital gains review and changes in client’s life that could affect the wealth management plan
  • Periodic and proactive contact from our team when applicable to discuss repositioning portfolio, asset transfers, and other needs as they occur
  • Participate in market and economic updates while providing ongoing investment oversight
  • Conduct due diligence on asset, money and mutual fund managers 
  • Access to our team via telephone, email, and personalized website
  • Communications on specific interests (i.e. mutual funds, separately managed accounts, regulatory environment, Social Security reform, etc.)
  • Access to research and market reports
  • Access to articles of interest on our website
  • Monthly/Quarterly statements along with a tutorial for reviewing statements
  • Access to a final capital gains report each January
  • Access to online account information through Online Access along with a tutorial for enrolling
  • Access to electronic funds transfer via Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Free Investment Access® Account
  • Access to assets via check writing for all Investment Access® Accounts
  • Referrals to other trusted professionals within our network, as requested or required
  • Offer delivery of tax documents directly to tax advisor
  • Access to RBC Wealth Management specialists for complex estate planning, wealth management, insurance and trust services
  • Ongoing review of insurance coverage, to include life, long-term care, survivor protection and estate preservation
  • Life insurance and annuity review for each client as life changes occur, and/or, upon request

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