Helping women achieve key wealth goals

Women face unique financial challenges, from controlling more household income to anticipating longer lifespans. Together we can develop a customized financial plan that understands your goals, concerns and expectations, and gives you the confidence to successfully navigate life’s milestones.

Consider a wealth plan designed with a focus on the challenges women face

I will help you develop a lifetime wealth plan to give you confidence and security in handling your wealth. This includes:

  • Discovering the role money plays in your life
  • Calculating financial expectations you anticipate throughout your life
  • Setting goals and listing concerns you have regarding your financial future
  • Developing an emergency fund and preparing for contingencies with proper insurance coverage
  • Developing a plan for your legacy

Explore our Women's Workbook

Women and wealth workbook coverWe’ve created a practical guide designed to comprehensively assess your financial health and identify actionable steps you can take to build more confidence in your plans for tomorrow. The workbook also contains several hands-on worksheets you can use to write your own financial story.

Download the women and wealth wealth insights guide


Did you know?

90% of women will be in charge of family finances as a result of being single, divorced or outliving their partner.1

A 65-year-old woman has a 50% chance of reaching at least age 90, increasing the need for planning for more years in retirement and the potential for additional health care costs.2

Only about half of women feel confident about managing investments compared to more than two-thirds of men—even when they post the same financial literacy scores.3

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