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The earlier a business owner undertakes the thoughtful preparation and planning of potential exit scenarios, the better the outcome can be, even if it is many years in the future. A liquidity event of any kind is a complex matter that involves a full range of personal, business, wealth management and family concerns. Preparation and planning are essential to the successful execution of a major liquidity event.

What is exit planning?

Exit planning is a multidisciplinary process helping business owners with the orderly transition of the management and ownership of their companies. Profitability and tax considerations are the key factors in exit plans. It's the most important decision an owner will make with their business, yet few owners know the value of their largest asset or have a plan to exit the business.

About the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) program

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor program was specifically designed for business advisors who work closely with owners of privately held companies. The organizing principle of the program is Master Planning, handling the alignment of the three legs of the stool (business, personal and financial), which is executed through a process called the Value Acceleration Methodology. Using an executive MBA-style format, the program includes a combination of lectures, group discussions, case studies and individual exercises to introduce participants to these concepts and to reinforce skills.

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RBC Wealth Management’s core competencies in exit planning

  • Business valuation
  • Pre-transaction due diligence
  • ESOP planning and funding
  • Private equity introductions
  • Mergers and acquisition guidance
  • Custom-designed credit facility
  • Business value-enhancement guidance
  • Key-person retention strategies
  • Planned vs. unplanned exit strategy (contingency exit planning)
  • Buy/sell funding
  • Exit process oversight
  • Succession planning and partnership management
  • Key-person insurance planning
  • Life after business (LAB) consulting
  • Access to investment banking specialists, RBC Capital Markets
  • Comprehensive wealth planning and management