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In an effort to be accountable to you, our clients, we oversee the following tenants of a successful wealth management relationship:


Access to RBC Wealth Management's team of specialists in the areas of strategic wealth planning, credit & lending, retirement plan counseling, insurance - life, health, long term care and disability, investment management, and income planning. Our goal for you is to provide a comprehensive, multigenerational wealth plan.

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You will hear from us on a systematic and timely basis. Our conversations will focus on market updates, portfolio status, and potential tactical or strategic changes which address your specific situation. We strive for an informed, educated clientele. 


We are committed to providing a high quality experience to our clients. You will receive an investment management platform designed to meet your objectives. You will be presented with the most cost-efficient options for the services required; however, fees charged will be commensurate with services provided.

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