Investment Philosophy
It is my personal belief that a diversified portfolio of global stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, and alternatives is the backbone of excellent money management.

There are times when certain asset classes do not make sense to buy and hold; performance is important and hope is not a viable strategy. Clients need to stay ahead of taxes and inflation to maintain their lifestyles. I believe that performance relative to risk is most important, and that experiencing less dramatic highs and lows is the key to growing wealth.

I realize that the recent markets have potentially left many feeling as if there is nowhere to turn. It is easy to understand, given the dramatic swings that some may have experienced, and although I believe we are in a period that calls for vigilance, I also see opportunities in the investment arena.

My perspective is worldwide. The McKinsey Global Institute forecasts that over the next decade, 450 million people in China and India alone will join the middle class. My prediction is that this explosion of new consumers will drive growth and provide investment opportunity for many years to come.