Portfolio Focus® investment management

I manage accounts through RBC Wealth Management’s® Portfolio Focus program, which is a personalized portfolio management program for which only a select group of RBC Wealth Management’s Financial Advisors qualify. Through the Portfolio Focus program, I can make investment decisions on your behalf, which allows you to simplify your life by freeing up your time. Consider some of these advantages that I can provide to you through the Portfolio Focus program:

  • Expertise — Only a select group of RBC Wealth Management’s Financial Advisors are eligible to serve as portfolio managers in the Portfolio Focus program. This means your advisor has been carefully screened and has established that he or she has the knowledge and experience necessary to carefully evaluate and implement the best investment ideas available.
  • Personalized Portfolio Management — As your portfolio manager, your Financial Advisor will take the time to learn all about you — your family situation, your financial goals, your investment preferences, your time horizon, and your tolerance for risk. Based on this deep understanding of your needs, he or she can create and maintain a portfolio that’s customized to your needs.
  • Customized Service — Your Financial Advisor will allocate your portfolio to meet your specific needs and position it to take advantage of opportunities the market presents. Of course, he or she has also demonstrated personal integrity and the ability to provide superior client service.
  • Risk Management — Your Financial Advisor gets to know you and your specific needs, goals and tolerance for risk. Based upon this, your Financial Advisor develops an advisory portfolio for you and monitors that portfolio on an ongoing basis. Both RBC Wealth Management and your Financial Advisor place the highest priority on ensuring your investments are suitable for your stated investment objectives.
  • Timely Investment Decisions — Your Financial Advisor will continually evaluate your portfolio to see that it’s aligned with your goals. If changes need to be made, or if new opportunities present themselves, he or she will be ready to act promptly on your behalf.
  • Accessibility — A third-party portfolio manager may be difficult to contact. Because of your relationship with your Financial Advisor, he or she will be readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Comprehensive Reporting — With Portfolio Focus, you will always know exactly where you stand. You’ll receive statements every quarter as long as your account contains a cash or security balance. Statements are mailed monthly when you have transactions during that month with the exception of money market dividends. In addition to statements, you may receive quarterly performance evaluations showing your account history, transaction records and investment performance. And through your complimentary subscription to our online account access website, you can look at the most recent information about your account that is available.
  • Asset-based Fee Structure — No commissions are involved in Portfolio Focus transactions. Instead, you pay one quarterly fee, based on your total assets under management. As a result, your Financial Advisor’s compensation is tied to the value of your account — not to the number of trades he or she makes for you. With this approach, you know you are getting objective, solution-oriented investment advice.