Wealth management approach

I believe that my clients should have a customized approach to managing their wealth that fits their objectives and long term goals. Here are 6 distinct steps I use in my wealth management process:

  1. Establishing your goals and objectives
  2. Determining your risk tolerance and time horizon for your goals
  3. Developing an asset allocation strategy
  4. Portfolio construction. Types of products, platforms and managers discussed
  5. Execution of your investment strategy
  6. Monitor progress and make necessary adjustments

Customized services are based on the clients needs. Ongoing client reviews, performance reporting, timely research and updates on market or economic trends, client education events and acting as your liaison to your other professional advisors are just some of the services I specialize in. I utilize the expertise of many specialists at RBC Wealth Management when dealing with estate planning, business succession planning, educational planning, retirement planning and insurance needs.

Wealth management professionals

Client Strategies Team

The Client Strategies Team is a resource to help support you in your wealth planning goals, developing a strong understanding of your personal financial objectives, gathering valuable information and addressing complex financial and wealth strategies issues. Explore the bios below to learn more about the team.

Aaron Gallardo

Trust Consultant

Bill Ringham

Director of Wealth Strategies