Financial advisor-oriented leadership

“I’m a big believer in customer service,” Mark says. “When I was more in the retail sales side of the business, I always put my customers first, and now, in my current position, my customers are clearly the financial advisors and the client associates in the Kansas City complex. I am here to help find solutions to whatever problems they might have so they can be as successful as possible.”

Onboarding support

Financial advisors joining the Kansas City complex will find their transition smoothed by a well-organized process and an experienced staff. The complex consulting team gives new financial advisors a specific “go-to” person to get questions answered on virtually any subject, including technology, marketing or RBC Wealth Management’s investment platforms.

“New people know who can quickly answer their questions and get them back in front of clients,” Mark says. “We place great emphasis on getting people off on the right foot.”

Civic responsibilities

Once aboard, new Financial Advisors will also discover an atmosphere that is highly conducive to community involvement. Throughout the the Kansas City complex, RBC Wealth Management financial advisors volunteer in a variety of activities, including Junior Achievement, Boys Town, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Kiwanis and many civic and arts organizations. This spirit of involvement, combined with the support Financial Advisors receive from the firm, are what keeps Mark at RBC Wealth Management.

“We have a great corporate culture here,” Mark says. “And from a business standpoint, I think we are the only place that combines the intimate feel of a small firm with the global resources of a big company like Royal Bank of Canada. We can offer first-class products and services — and we have the support we need to deliver them.”

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