Helping busy people build and preserve wealth

A unique perspective

We help busy people manage their money. Our clients lead full and busy lives, balancing things that must be done with things they love to do, with little time spent on their own finances. Being a mother-daughter team, our multi-generational viewpoints and diverse backgrounds offer a unique perspective to the financial advisory process, bringing real benefit to clients looking for financial and investment guidance. Heather brings her experience from nearly two decades in the corporate world in a variety of leadership, operational and technical roles, mainly in Fortune 500 companies. Pat has been a financial advisor since 1980, following a twenty year career in teaching, and as a public official in both local and county governments.

There's wealth in our approach

Our focus is simple: to be the trusted advisors that help clients make sense of their financial lives, collaborating to create and implement plans that help them achieve their goals and focus on what is important to them. Our unique perspective allows us to work closely with those looking for a more comprehensive approach, that is aligned with their personal and cultural beliefs.

We manage our clients' assets as fiduciaries--we act in our clients' best interest, eliminate conflicts of interest, and our fee is transparent and tied to the service we provide. We are a full service team, offering guidance for: account and investment management, wealth management planning, rollovers, stock-option and -grant strategies, college funding, retirement income, insurance coverage, life changes of divorce or death, aging parents, and more. We can work closely with your team of support, such as your CPA and attorney, to ensure efficient tax strategies and estate wishes are in alignment.

Our family looks forward to working with you and your family!

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We’re in the “correction” camp

We make the case that the correction will give way to a renewed advance in share prices and offer some thoughts on how to prepare portfolios for the challenges likely to come with an aging, slowing economic expansion. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

Staying connected

Thank you for trusting us as your wealth management partner! Our commitment to you goes beyond sharing our knowledge and expertise--we are also committed to consistent and valuable communication between us. This website will never take the place of our direct communication, but it can serve as a helpful supplement to make sure the information you need is always at your fingertips, from your account activity to the latest market commentary.

We welcome you to experience the Krause & Thorpe Wealth Management Team difference yourself. Contact us today to set up your initial meeting to determine if working with our team is a fit for you and your goals.

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