We understand the unique financial challenges of athletes and entertainers and how they differ from one profession to the next. We deliver the experience and resources you need to help create and implement a multigenerational wealth management plan, using a comprehensive approach based on your needs, values, and aspirations.

Only through many years spent studying and observing the lifestyle, the business, and the financial challenges of being a professional athlete or entertainer, have we been able to create specific solutions for the players and their families.

The unique challenges of the professional athletes and entertainers

  • Career unpredictability — Although many athletes and entertainers perform at a high level over the span of two decades, it is critical to plan against the risks of a shortened career.

  • Managing spending — Implementing a sound budget is critical when receiving irregular large amounts of income.

  • Tax considerations Filing a tax return in multiple states, and at times multiple countries, is often cumbersome.

  • Retirement planning An athlete or entertainer’s core earning years are typically condensed into several years. However, retirement funding may need to last more than 50 years.

  • Currency exposure Most athletes and entertainers are paid in U.S. dollars, yet they may need to hedge against the fluctuations of a foreign currency.

  • Managing real estate Owning real estate in multiple locations requires proper management and planning.

  • Asset protection High income and high-net-worth individuals are more likely to be subject to lawsuits.

  • Legacy and charitable endeavors Professional guidance is needed to help structure their giving in the most advantageous way.

  • Risk protection Understanding how to manage appropriate insurance coverage.

  • Proper utilization of debt Making prudent decisions when using mortgages, lines of credit, and other alternative financing techniques.

Athletes and entertainers have a lot in common: Both have competitive drives and get-it-done mindsets. They don’t shy away from calculated risks and consider failure as a learning opportunity.

The traits that make many athletes and entertainers successful can help them succeed as entrepreneurs. However, the first steps into this career can be daunting. Just as learning and mastering any specialty can be grueling, building a business is hard work, with a steep learning curve and a high risk of failure. And just as athletes and entertainers benefit from coaching, entrepreneurs can thrive on professional advice that helps them make sound decisions and avoid unnecessary risks to their financial long game.

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Seeing opportunity in challenges

Life is unpredictable, so we help you plan for the challenges that come your way. Like in the game of golf, seeing challenges as opportunities and remaining calm under pressure help drive success.

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