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We specialize in discretionary, fee-based asset management and comprehensive, customized wealth management planning serving high-net-worth families and institutions with at least $1 million dollars in liquid assets (accredited investors by definition). Our difference is the purposeful custom planning and disciplined asset management. This process makes us unique to the special niche of clients we serve.

Trustworthiness, skill sets and listening you — these are not things we take for granted. A detailed plan and custom portfolio are what help create your financial security and peace of mind. With your approval, we proactive coordinate a game plan to develop personal, yet confidential relationships with your attorney, tax preparer, banker and other important professional in your life. An understanding of friends, family and other personal relationships are equally important to provide solutions that shape a unique path to your successful outcome. This is our vision to accomplish a comprehensive multigenerational wealth management legacy.

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Are you due for an insurance review?

When is the last time you have had your life insurance policy reviewed? There have been significant shifts in the insurance industry to accommodate important changes like the increasing life expectancy of our population, the reduced use of tobacco products, and significant advancements in medicine.

RBC Wealth Management has resources that provide a no cost, no obligation review of life insurance policies. Together with the firm’s internal professionals, we will review your policy to help confirm it is still adequate for your needs and overall financial goals. Contact me if you are interested in a complimentary insurance policy review.

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Global Insight Monthly NovemberWill AI generate long-term equity performance?

Enthusiasm for generative artificial intelligence (AI) has helped drive 2023’s stock market gains. We look at the implications for investors.

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Mark's planning and asset management services are best suited for those with $1 million or more to invest. Call him for a personal confidential conversation to discuss your situation - (717) 724-4223.

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