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Melanie focuses on guiding investors from their careers through their retirement years. She believes clients deserve personalized planning, ongoing support and prudent strategies, so she dedicates significant time and resources to understanding clients as individuals and investors. Melanie works not just to help clients achieve long term goals- but also maintain liquidity to support their current lifestyles. Additionally, she begins each relationship with a cash-flow analysis designed to align clients' liabilities and spending habits with their long term objectives. From her perspective, this multi-faceted approach helps clients feel prepared and protected for changes in their lives or the markets.

Honored to be a nationally award winning advisor 

I am very proud to be recognized as one of Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisor Best in State and a Forbes Best in State Wealth Advisor in 2023. I am pleased to be a part of this respected group—because it means I’m serving my clients well.

New wealth insights guide for young professionals

Today’s young professionals face many challenges when it comes to building wealth. Download our new guide on money matters for young professionals. It’s designed to help young adults master the fundamentals of saving and investing, with insights into how to control debt, build a wealth plan and prepare for a more secure tomorrow.

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The end of the year is a great time to assess your giving and legacy planning goals and review assets, including your life insurance beneficiary designations so they match your intentions. Reach out to me to discuss your insurance strategies.

Did you know this about money management? December is an ideal month for year-end gifts. I can help you incorporate charitable giving into your wealth plan. Contact me to learn more.

Tax-smart charitable giving strategies you can use any time of year

Better support your favorite charitable organizations by spreading your giving throughout the year. It may also be beneficial to you. Read more:

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Looking for an opportunity to reduce your tax payment? Loan interest deductibility could be an option, depending on the borrowing purpose. Connect with me to discuss. Click here to learn more.

Want to help raise money-savvy adults? Contact me for financial literacy resources for youth, teens and young adults.

BlackRock study finds companies with more women in workforce outperform rivals

Companies with a more equal sex-split, a greater number of women in management, and higher standard maternity policies, outperform rivals which lag in these areas, a study by BlackRock has found.

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