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In today’s increasingly fast paced society our needs and goals are different from what they were only a few years ago.  Events that have taken place over the past several years have created a degree of uncertainty and anxiety with investors.  The events have also created more volatility in the market place then were apparent in the past.  We must remember that the stock market and the U.S. economy have survived many wars and recessions and have prospered.  However, it is important for you to feel comfortable with your investments.  If you are feeling frustrated and becoming anxious, there are some different types of investments that can help protect your principal.  You may have seen ads or received information about these investments.

The investments that I am referring to are fixed annuities.  Fixed annuities can offer many advantages – including a range of investments options to suit your risk tolerance while enabling you to participate in the growth of the stock market.  They have professional management, flexible payout options for income, and some offer principal protection as well as guaranteed* returns and death benefits.  Moreover, fixed annuities have some estate advantages that may be beneficial to you.

The Freedom of Choice

There are two basic types of annuities: fixed-rate and variable. The type of annuity you choose depends on your individual situation, your long-term goals and how comfortable you are with risk. Investments in variable products will fluctuate and values upon redemption may be less than the original amount invested. Take a look at our annuities fact sheet for a more in-depth explanation as to how these two types of annuities differ, and for help determining what may be most appropriate for you.

At RBC Wealth Management, I have the ability to examine a variety of fixed annuities offered by many outstanding companies.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in investigating, I would be pleased to explain them, provide a review of your current financial situation to see if they are suitable for you and, if so, help you select the proper fixed annuity to fit your objectives.
*Guaranteed by the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

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