My clients

  • Actors, directors, writers and producers in film, television and theater
  • Musicians, songwriters and producers in all music genres
  • Professional athletes, coaches and owners in all major sports

While working across a broad spectrum of industries in many different countries, my clients all have one thing in common: they excel at the highest level of their respective fields. Some are Super Bowl champions, pop superstars, rock n’ roll icons, and award winning actors; others are entrepreneurs, business executives, doctors, and lawyers. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple generations of families, helping them to prosper for even more generations to come.

Like my clients, I too am committed to excellence and work tirelessly to perform the research, analysis, and counsel necessary to achieve it. I’ve always been someone who values honesty and feels an ethical obligation to protecting my clients’ best interests. Because of that, I strive to make myself available for your every question and guide you through all major financial transactions and life decisions.

To accommodate my intensely dedicated level of service, I keep my practice intentionally small. This intimacy means my work is always custom-tailored, research-driven, and client-facing. My goal is to do all the work for you, so you can continue thriving in your own professional, family, and personal lives.

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