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As your wealth management advisor, it’s my job to help protect the stability of your future from the stresses of your present. In other words, I play the long-game; through diligent research and responsible advice, I prepare you (and your family) to thrive in life long after your professional career is over.

In order to help you achieve excellence outside the playing field, stage, or board room, I first have to compile an in-depth understanding of your financial health. The questions I ask cover your personal, familial, and professional responsibilities as these are, either directly or indirectly, financial in nature. After we’ve developed the whole picture, I construct an investment strategy that helps mitigate risk and maximize earnings. For some of my clients, this means reorganizing their current portfolio; for others, it means building one from scratch.

But investing is only one facet of my approach to wealth management. Many of my clients, particularly the professional athletes, accumulate a great deal of wealth early in their careers. With so many distractions and scams at their doorstep, it can be difficult for them to make sustainable financial and life choices. And it’s not just athletes; over the course of a lifetime, every person faces tough personal and professional decisions that carry financial repercussions.

That’s where I come in. With tough honesty and absolute clarity, I help you balance spending with cash flow, navigate through marriage or divorce, acquire real estate, decide when and how to sell your business, and generally steer clear of personal and financial risks in your everyday life. With your best interests in mind, I tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

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