Why Choose RBC Wealth Management?

  • Positive Culture
  • Access to Senior Leadership and Corporate Support
  • Global Resources of an International Leader
  • World Class Fixed Income Department

Positive Culture

  • Work in an environment that encourages creativity and promotes productivity
  • A strong spirit of teamwork with a willingness to collaborate
  • Commitment to professional growth through education 

“Basically, I will do whatever it takes to help create the kind of culture in this office that promotes growth and a respect for doing what’s right for clients.” - Hal

Access to Senior Leadership

  • Physical proximity of the Minnetonka branch to the corporate headquarters at RBC Plaza in downtown Minneapolis
  • Flat sales structure means access to seniors leaders and allows decision making ability at a branch level
  • Corporate support from a local Complex Consulting team, a team of top-notch professionals with expertise in areas including; retirement planning, estate planning, institutional consulting, insurance, credit and lending and trusts

“In short, I’d say we are the last, best place to work in our industry.” - Hal