Getting a head start on financial success

Whether you are planning for your children’s college education or helping them get on their feet after high school, you know that money—how to make it, how to spend it and how to save it—will play an important role in their lives. While finances are not always an easy topic to approach with young people, your children need your guidance to learn to manage their money wisely.

Helping you help them

We know that understanding how to manage money responsibly at a young age gives you a head start on financial success. That’s why we have a variety of resources to help you discuss money with your family.

  • If you still have teenagers at home, consider our Twelve Easy Conversations About Money guide, which gives you some smart tips on teaching your kids about earning money, managing expenses, and understanding financial concepts. 
  • If a college degree or post-secondary program is something in your child’s future, and you’re planning on helping them pay for their education, get them involved in the planning process. We can walk you both through establishing a 529 Savings Plan. Or if they need immediate college-funding sources, our guide to Finding Money for College—Right Now may help.
  • If you already have children off at college, Smart Financial Management for Early Adults will help them learn about using credit wisely and investing for their future. 

Conversations about financial responsibility and decision-making will equip your children with the skills they need to create good habits that will set them on the road to financial success. Contact us today to learn more or to discuss how we can help.

Wealth insights guide for young professionals

Young Professionals GuideToday’s young professionals face many challenges when it comes to building wealth. RBC Wealth Management's guide on money matters for young professionals is designed to help young adults master the fundamentals of saving and investing, with insights into how to control debt, build a wealth plan and prepare for a more secure tomorrow.

Download Money matters for young professionals wealth insights guide