Our clients always come first

The Jensen Group has over 30 years of combined experience providing investment advice for an extremely diverse group of individuals, businesses, foundations, endowments and non-profit organizations. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with superior investment solutions and exceptional client service with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  The Jensen Group is committed to offering innovative investment ideas and solutions.  We strive to provide sound, practical advice which enables our clients to achieve their individual investment needs and objectives.

Our approach is not to make clients fit into investment models.  What makes our approach different lies in how we listen to our clients and stay in tune with their goals, concerns and dynamic investment objectives to find solutions to fit that client.

The Jensen Group focuses on recommending investment portfolios which make most sense for our “new” market environment; always putting the client's needs first.  We work to understand broad trends at work in the investing world and provide strategies for clients to utilize in the effort to not only preserve capital but profit from those trends.

We bring passion to our work in terms of caring for clients while recommending financial strategies which address extremely dynamic market challenges ahead of us.  We never impose a business plan on our investors we are fortunate to call our Clients; preferring to provide an effective collaboration of ideas that can result in the achievement of client goals that are continuously changing in the rapidly changing world of finance and banking.

The Jensen Group works with investors and business owners with complex planning issues, focusing on specific challenges:

  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business succession Planning
  • Concentrated Equity Positions Issues
  • Selling Restricted or Controlled Securities
  • Professional Money Management Selection
  • Insurance Planning

 The Jensen Group specializes in:

  • Designing investment plans
  • Developing life long relationships
  • Focusing on professional money management
  • Identifying characteristics and qualities of a secular bear market money managers