Take control of health care in retirement

If asked to describe your ideal retirement, you may talk about things you want to do—travel, pursue hobbies, volunteer and so on. And you may be figuring these costs into your retirement planning. But one cost that is easy to overlook is health care.

An understood—yet underprepared for need

A recent Ipsos survey sponsored by RBC Wealth Management revealed that the topic of retirement health care is on the minds of many Americans nearing retirement age or already retired. Most are concerned about the overall cost of health care in retirement, fewer are planning for it, and half of those who are planning woefully underestimate what they may actually need.

Fill the gaps in your plan with knowledge

To help you be proactive about planning for retirement health care, RBC Wealth Management dedicated an edition of RBC Wealth Insights to the subject. It offers thorough coverage of the planning issues—as well as choices available to you—based on extensive work with clients. It also includes facts from independent academic research and other respected third-party contributors.

Let us help you take control

Planning for your retirement health care now will help you enjoy clarity for your today—and confidence for your tomorrow. Should you have questions about the information, or wish to plan for the health care future you want for yourself and your loved ones, contact me today. I would be happy to be of service to you.

Taking control of health care in retirement

Wealth Insights Report: taking control of health care in retirementThis Wealth Insights report features actionable recommendations, helpful checklists and healthy best practices to help you make the most of every stage of your life as you age.

Download Taking Control of Health Care in Retirement Wealth Insights guide

The Financial Impact of Dementia

Preparing for the expected: Cognitive Decline wealth insights guideA diagnosis of dementia in you or a loved one can have a devastating impact on you—physically, emotionally and financially. We invite you to download Preparing for the expected: The financial impact of dementia.

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