What are you fighting for?

The Pedersen Investment Group’s founding member, Bryan Pedersen, has fought for success as a legislator, MMA fighter, financial advisor, husband and father. That determination inspires our team each day as we fight to help our clients reach their financial goals.

Wealth management and MMA fighting are more alike than you might think. Both take passion, commitment and dedication, and there are some key tactics that can help you success in both fields:

#1: Know the rules

You can’t win any fight if you don’t know the rules of engagement. We work to keep you educated about opportunities that might be right for you, challenges you might face, and any changes to rules or regulations in the financial industry that might affect you.

#2: Understand your opponent

The fighter that wins the fight is the one who does the most due diligence. Which is why our team uses the best research to help our clients navigate the investment world. Researching the markets is paramount to your success.

#3: There are no first-round knock-outs

A fight has to last more than one punch, and so should your investment portfolio. Reaching your financial goals takes time, but we’re here to put the reps in every day with you.

#4: You need a team

Just like world-class fighters have a team to help them reach the top, the Pedersen Investment Group is here to serve that purpose for you. We will fight for your financial goals, coach you, and put together a team of world class-money managers, insurance and estate plan consultants to help win your investment fight.


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National award-winning advisor

At the Pedersen Investment Group, we are very proud that financial advisor Bryan Pedersen has been recognized as one of Barron’s Top 1,200 Advisors in 2019 and a Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisor in 2023. It’s an honor to have a teammate nationally recognized as one of the best in the industry—because it means we are serving our clients well.