History of RBC Wealth Management in Richmond

RBC Wealth Management has its roots on Main Street in Richmond along with other prominent financial firms including, Branch & Company, Anderson & Strudwick, Craigie, Davenport, Scott & Stringfellow, Wheat, and even Merrill Lynch. Our “great grandparent” company, Branch, Cabell was formed in 1904 and we have been continuously serving and helping our Richmond clients build wealth over the past 118 years - working through The Great Depression, World Wars 1 and 2, and The Great Recession.

Branch, Cabell operated under its original name for 96 years until being purchased by Tucker Anthony in Boston in 2000. A year later RBC purchased the company and merged it with their Dain Rauscher Wessels subsidiary to create RBC Dain Rauscher, which later became RBC Wealth Management. One consistent theme through our history is a passionate belief in improving the lives of our clients by building, managing, protecting, and transitioning their wealth. We don’t measure success by the number of our clients, our sales, or assets managed. We measure success by the success of our clients.

Together, our team of 26 professionals with more than 500 years of combined experience, manage $3 Billion for our 3,500 clients. More importantly our clients are drawn to and stay with our 15 financial advisors, based on the personalized service they receive.

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