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Value statement

From simple and conservative fixed income strategies, to an array of diversified total return models, to creating dividend-paying stock portfolios, to managing complex and sophisticated options strategies centered around concentrated stock positions, I have the resources and expertise to effectively manage a variety of investment strategies.

By limiting the number of clients I serve, I’m able to focus my time and attention on taking care of the unique needs of an affluent clientele consisting primarily of professional athletes, corporate executives, family offices, and current and former business owners.

Investment philosophy

Consistency is key. We seek to maximize risk-adjusted returns by combining “beta-driven” strategies which consist primarily of index funds with individual stock strategies that are designed to provide the “alpha.”

Alignment of interests. Strategies we recommend for our clients are the same portfolios in which we invest our own capital and our family’s capital. Furthermore, we pay the same management fees as our clients.

Communication and trust. A mutual commitment to apprise one another of developments that could potentially affect strategy is paramount, as is a mutual understanding of the rationale behind implementing an investment strategy before a single dollar is invested.

Will political turbulence roil equities?

As Washington grapples with the possible impeachment of President Trump, we look at the potential implications for equity investments. Market performance during past presidential scandals, and the views of institutional investors, suggest economic fundamentals will likely outweigh political drama. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

Ricky Fairchild, CFA

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus

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