Rock Cut Investment Group

Platinum client service

Service expectations

  • We will care more about you and your money than anyone who doesn’t share your last name.
  • We will ask questions in order to understand your goals and objectives.
  • Help guide you through areas of your financial life you may have not considered.
  • We can create a customized investment and asset allocation plan for you based upon your risk tolerance, goals and current portfolio. We look at all of your investments whether held at RBC or outside of RBC. We use Morningstar to analyze and breakdown your investment portfolio.
  • Prepare an asset allocation and investment strategy with a goal of obtaining the best rate of return for a given level of risk tolerance. We will implement this strategy.
  • Help you prioritize your goals.
  • Communication can occur on a pre-determined schedule
  • Account meetings: market overview, goals review, portfolio updates, performance and capital gains review
  • Communication will be coordinated with your accountant, attorney and insurance agent to discuss tax information, trust/estate planning and foundation information
  • We can perform a life insurance and annuity review periodically
  • Each year, with your authorization, we offer to send all of your tax documents directly to your CPA.
  • Monitor investments and fees by conducting regular due diligence
  • Monthly emails with personal commentary from our team and outside experts
  • Develop a debt reduction strategy
  • Articles of interest are added to our website on a regular basis
  • Clients will receive periodic announcements and invitations to exclusive client events
  • Upon request, we will provide client with referrals to other trusted professionals within our network
  • Clients will have access to a customized Personal Website enabling you to access all your financial data with an ongoing goals analysis and the ability to store important documents electronically

Additional account services we will provide:

  • We will act as fiduciaries for the majority of our clientele.
  • Monthly/Quarterly statements/ Performance Reports
  • Access to Investment Team and other specialists
  • Access to assets via check writing for all Investment Access® Accounts
  • Electronic funds transfer via Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Access to on-line account information
  • Access to research and market reports
  • Provide excellent service at all times  


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