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At RBC Wealth Management, we’re redefining what you can expect from a full-service investment firm. As one of the most respected financial institutions on Wall Street, the elements that have made us an industry leader are the very things that we think make us the right fit for you:

Fiscal strength and responsibility

With a long-standing reputation for integrity based on sound financial decision-making and putting client needs first, we are deeply committed to careful management of the wealth entrusted to us.

Comprehensive capabilities

As a global leader in financial services, we offer the broad range of resources and depth of expertise to help our clients build, preserve, enjoy and share their wealth.

Responsible Stewardship

Our first priority will always be the smart and careful management of the financial assets entrusted to us, but our commitment to being responsible stewards extends beyond that: to our clients, our communities, our employees, and the environment.

We’re proud to be a firm that stands out among our peers, because it means we’re serving our clients well. We invite you to experience the RBC difference for yourself.

Why RBC Wealth Management?

You may already know that RBC Wealth Management is one of the nation’s leading investment, advisory and wealth management firms, with a reputation for integrity and stability, a dedication to client satisfaction, and a strong stewardship commitment. What you may not know is that the benefits of being an RBC Wealth Management financial advisor go far beyond that.

Supportive environment

We recognize that our advisors’ relationships with their clients are the only reason we are in business. So we have a strong, responsive culture that supports you as an entrepreneur. Helping you cultivate long-lasting client relationships is at the center of everything we do as a firm. At RBC Wealth Management, we provide opportunities for professionals with diverse backgrounds and from multiple industries to become financial advisors. Learn more about how your path can lead you here.

Practice flexibility

We believe in advisor autonomy. What does that mean? Two fundamental principles: Your clients are your clients. And your business is your business. We offer a high degree of practice flexibility, and encourage you to run your business in the way that is most natural for you. Whether that means taking a consultative approach as a wealth manager, a strategic asset allocation approach as a fee-based investment advisor or a tactical approach specializing in traditional investments, you have the freedom to run your business the way you want to.

Global resources

Having a powerhouse like the Royal Bank of Canada behind you is no small thing. As a financial advisor with our Private Client Group, you will have access to its world-class capabilities, along with the support and guidance of our nationally recognized team of analysts, and an experienced corporate team committed to helping you grow your business.

Find your fit with us

Allow us to answer your questions and share more about the rewards of partnering with RBC Wealth Management. Contact us today to learn more.


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