Aligning your investments with your values

Define investment objectives

We ask questions to get a picture of your current financial situation and what your goals are for the future. We build an understanding of your risk tolerance, cash needs, time horizon, and return objectives. We discuss your values to arrive at your impact goals.

Recommend strategy

Based on our conversations with you, we develop a target asset allocation and a diversified portfolio of top-performing money manager, customized to help you reach your goals. We discuss these recommendations with you, and rebalance them as needed. For individuals and families, we develop a detailed wealth plan analyzing your cash flows, assets, and liabilities to help position you to succeed in achieving your long term goals.

Implement strategy

Once you are comfortable with the plan for the portfolio, we invest the funds and screen the money manager positions for alignment with your values. We assist with drafting investment policy statements and ESG policy statements. We take pride in minimizing the busy work for our clients.

Review portfolio

We review the portfolio for alignment with your values and financial objectives. We rebalance the portfolio based on changes in your needs or changes in our economic outlook. We have regular discussions with you to review your portfolio's performance and to get an update about any changes in your situation. We revisit the wealth plan during our checkins to make sure you are still on track to meet your long term goals.

Common client environment, social and governance concerns:



  • Climate change
  • Renewable energy
  • Clean water
  • Food, waste & resource efficiency



  • Community investing
  • Income, gender, LGBTQ & racial equality and social justice issues such as private prisons
  • Value creation for all stakeholders
  • Product safety, supply chain integrity



  • Transparency and accountability
  • Corporate risk management
  • Executive compensation
  • Board and executive diversity