Clients should be empowered, not overwhelmed.


We understand the complexities of the financial markets, and the importance of helping our clients successfully navigate them. It’s critical that our clients have full trust and confidence in our ability to serve as their primary wealth advisor. This is something we earn by combining our disciplined approach to investment portfolio management with a comprehensive wealth management planning process. Our clients receive frequent, concise communication. The advice offered is unbiased, non-proprietary, and independent. They know we are steadfastly focused on achieving their financial objectives, while offering an exceptional client service experience.



What sets us apart

  1. Our disciplined approach keeps us focused on our clients’ long-term goals. We have demonstrated this ability over the last few decades by helping our clients through many market cycles over that timeframe and by keeping our strategy in alignment with their needs.
  2. Our attitude toward excellence drives us to deliver the best service and experience for our clients. We strive to simplify their lives and exceed their expectations.
  3. Our team’s experience ranges from independent financial firms to large broker-dealers; from working with corporate management teams to helping business owners invest their sale proceeds. Our past experiences lends us a unique perspective in servicing our clients.
  4. Our team’s structure is diverse in both generation and gender. This ensures that not only are we here to help our first generation clients, but also their family and their future generations.
  5. Our history and close relationship with the community ties us not only to our clients, but also to the causes and values which are important to them. By serving our community, we stay connected to addressing the needs of our clients.


Uncertainty everywhere

We are downgrading our stance on equities to Underweight. At the same time, we lay out the developments we are watching for that could put us back in an environment where future rewards considerably outweigh near-term risks. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.


Let's take the next step together

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