Who we are

RBC Wealth Management is known for the strength and stability of a global financial institution with the culture of a small, hometown firm. The Stillwater branch embraces these qualities and we have our own unique identity that sets it apart from the other branches in the area.

  • We are competitive in nature, always striving to be the best in the business and provide our clients with the highest level of service.
  • We have experienced and accomplished advisors and client associates that value above all else – integrity.
  • Teamwork is essential to our success and every individual in our branch is eager to be a positive and a contributing members of our team.
  • We all have a strong sense of community and as a branch and as individuals, we are all very involved with organizations in Stillwater to help make our area a better place to live and work.


How we operate

Our management structure is flat, meaning that decisions can be made quickly at the local level – removing obstacles that you will find in multi-layer management structures. Our complex director, Rob Andringa, has a strong presence in our branch and like me, he is here to provide support to you and your clients. In addition, we are so close in proximity to the home office that it gives us more visability and access to members of our executive team.

We see that all our advisors are given all available opportunities and the freedom to run their practices the way they want. We foster the entrepreneurial spirit and we respect the differences among the different businesses that each advisor has. We understand that your clients are yours – and that is a concept that will never waiver.

My commitment to you

As the branch director, I am looking for advisors who thrive in a team environment and who share the same passion that we do for our clients and our business. I will do more for you than supervise – I am committed to helping you reach beyond the success you have already achieved. Providing you with the highest level of support is just one of my responsibilities that are a top priority for me.

If this resonates with you and aligns with your values, I invite you to see our story first-hand. By joining us, you can be a part of this amazing story – and you can be assured that this next chapter will be the best one yet.


Bill Kohn