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What makes a great financial advisor? Surprisingly, it’s not a stellar financial acumen or wicked math skills. It’s a passion for people, a commitment to serving clients and a desire to have a positive impact. At RBC Wealth Management, we provide opportunities for professionals with diverse backgrounds and from multiple industries to become financial advisors. To learn more about how your path can lead you here, contact us.

Sally Kirkpatrick, AWM, AIF®

Managing Director - Financial Advisor

Washington D.C.


Linda Donovan

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor

Houston, TX

As a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, Sally Kirkpatrick advocated for people on a broad scale. Now, as a financial advisor, she's able to advocate for people on an individual level and see the immediate impact she has on their lives.

Linda Donovan built a successful career as a financial advisor while raising twin girls as a single mom. The obstacles she overcame in her own life help her relate to her clients as she helps them achieve their goals.

Darla Kashian, AWM

First Vice President - Financial Advisor

Minneapolis, MN

When Darla Kashian graduated college with an English degree, she had no idea how her career would unfold. After holding positions in multiple industries, Darla found her passion in helping clients as a financial advisor.


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