Dealer owned warranty companies

We help auto & RV dealers with their Dealer Owned Warranty Companies or other structures to maximize profitability and give the dealer greater overall return of premium capital due to long term tax deferral, elimination of fees, greater investment returns, and control.

Areas of concentration:

  • Asset management and income strategies for dealership and related entities such as DOWC’s
  • Personal wealth management and planning for owners and their families
  • Flexible and cost efficient asset-based lending
  • Retirement services such as corporate 401(k) plans, as well as personal retirement & income planning


Experience: We've been working for dealers for more than 15 years on a national basis

Knowledge: The knowledge gained over the past 15 years allows us to help dealers focus on profits and better succeed in their financial endeavors

Contacts: We have built a vast professional network with experience in the transportation business

Resources: Our extended team consists of commercial bankers, private bankers, trust professionals, estate planning professionals, credit specialists, and retirement specialists

Scale: We can deliver the full and combined strength of RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank to clients and their employees

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