Our process

The Crescent Group employs a personalized wealth management process that we tailor to each client’s specific circumstances, needs, and goals.

A Holistic Process

We employee a holistic process that integrates the advice of clients’ external advisors (including but not limited to lawyers, accountants, tax preparers, and other financial advisors) with that of The Crescent Group, to create a comprehensive solution.

An Educational Process

We aim to ensure that clients understand how all facets of their strategic plan work together.

An Objective Process

We formed The Crescent Group to provide advice in a manner that reduces conflicts of interest between advisors and their clients.

Our financial planning process often involves several steps:

  1. Discovery process: we learn about your specific circumstances, needs, and goals

  2. Formulation of tax, trust & estate strategy with appropriate advisors

  3. Creation of a customized asset allocation

  4. Implementation of the customized wealth strategy

  5. Ongoing assessment of a client’s portfolio and wealth management needs