Investment philosophy

We adhere to these principals within our own portfolios and in our own lives. We hope to lead by example, and encourage clients to adopt these philosophies. We believe:  
  • There are no short cuts to wealth. Pay yourself first. Saving is not a punishment.
  • Patience in investing is more than a virtue; it is a requirement.
  • Think globally. Remember, other markets are trading while you sleep.
  • Panic is not an effective long-term strategy. Plan ahead, have conviction and set goals.
  • The best time to start investing was 25 years ago. The second best time is now.
  • Pay your house off before you retire.
  • Never spend more than you make, and save at least 10% of your paycheck.
  • Know when enough money is enough, and preserve it.
  • Bulls make money. Bears make money. Hogs don’t make money.
  • Successful investors have an exit strategy, and know when to cut their losses
  • No one ever went broke taking a profit.
  • Diversify!
  • Invest so you can sleep peacefully at night.