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At the Drake Group, we understand it is our privilege to help convert your life savings into consistent monthly income. We also know that your challenges are unique, and in order to develop a successful wealth management plan, we first have to discover and explore your full story. By listening to you and learning more about what you want to achieve, our team of investment professionals can help you create a disciplined, customized wealth management plan that includes helping create a steady stream of income for retirement, and focuses on balancing your financial goals with your risk tolerance.

With over a 100 years of combined investment experience, the Drake Group is led by Managing Director – Financial Advisor Steve Drake. Our typical clients have recently, or are looking to make a life change, such as selling a business, changing jobs or retiring. That’s why our advice goes beyond investing, and you benefit from having a team with the experience and knowledge to fully understand your financial situation and help give you the confidence to pursue all of life’s goals.  

Proud to work with nationally recognized teammates

At The Drake Group, we are very proud that Financial Advisors Blake Rusk and Wes Pruitt were named Forbes Top Next Gen Wealth Advisors in 2022 and 2023. It’s an honor to have teammates that are nationally recognized as some of the best in the industry—because it means we are serving our clients well. Congratulations, Blake and Wes!

The Drake Group was also named a Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Management Team in 2024.

Tax mailing dates

With tax season upon us, you may be wondering when to expect your documents. Take a look at the chart below for an estimated mailing date and feel free to call us with any questions or to discuss what tax strategies we can implement to lower your taxable income in 2024.

Tax reporting document Approximate availability date
Form 1099-R January 31, 2024
Fair Market Value Statement January 31 2024
1099 Tax Information Summary February 15, 2024
Income Summary (FYI Statement) February 29. 2024
REMIC Tax Information Summary March 15, 2024
1042-S April 1, 2024
Revised 1099 Tax Information Summary
(tax year 2023 - revision 1)
On or about March 15, 2024
Revised 1099 Tax Information Summary
(tax year 2023 - revision 2)
On or about April 5, 2024
5498 June 1, 2024
Revised 1099 Tax Information Summary
(tax years 2020 – 2023)
Monthly, beginning May 2024

Fraud and scam recovery guide

Fraud and scam recovery guide

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Introducing RBC Total Wealth

RBC Total Wealth is a way to view your complete financial picture. See your RBC accounts—along with your accounts at other financial institutions you choose to add—–in one convenient place. Access Total Wealth by selecting Sign in above to log into your accounts and then choose Add External Accounts. It’s a simple and secure way to keep your financial life connected to your everyday life.

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