The best returns are more than financial

Value statement

The Foran Group is dedicated to providing our clients with unbiased, caring and personalized advice — our standard is that all phone calls and inquiries must be responded to within 24 hours. Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that “beating the market is not as important as not allowing the market to beat you.” We focus on helping our clients build a plan to achieve their goals through risk-adjusted rates of return, and we are committed to investment strategies that can produce competitive returns with less volatility.


Creating a lasting legacy

It’s commonly observed in the financial services industry that family wealth rarely lasts across multiple generations—and a new report by RBC Wealth Management may point to some key causes. Watch the video below and download our 2017 Wealth Transfer Report: Lasting Legacy to learn more.

Emerging from emergency

The Argentina and Turkey crises don’t mean we’re at a tipping point for emerging economies. We look at where emerging markets are likely to go from here. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

If your current life or financial situation has changed, or if you simply have a financial question, feel free contact us.

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