Introductory meeting

Good decisions take time...

We don’t expect any decisions to be made in our first meeting.  The intent of this meeting is for us to get to know each other. 

Who we are...

We are going to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about who we are, and what we do for our clients.  Specific things you will learn from us include, but are not limited to, our philosophy regarding investing, managing risk, and compensation.  We’ll also talk a little bit about who RBC is and why we choose to work with them to provide you with on going advice. 

Who you are...

We are then going to find out more about you, what you are looking to accomplish, in addition to your expectations of our team.  Though it’s not important for you to have exact financial information for our first meeting, it will help our conversation if you have a general idea of what you have, in terms of investment accounts, as well as what you would like to see happen in the future. 

The necessity of trust...

This first conversation is important for both of us, so that we can identify if we would like to work together in the future.  Trust must be established on both sides.  We have to trust that you are giving us accurate information, because without it, we cannot make appropriate recommendations.  You in turn have to trust, given the information you provide, we are making suitable recommendations you will be comfortable with.  You can be certain all of the information you provide to us is maintained with the utmost regard for your privacy.

You will undoubtedly have questions after the fact, related to our first meeting, so we’ll schedule a second conversation a few days later to give you some time to reflect.

Second meeting

We’ll start our second meeting off by fielding any questions or concerns you have from our first meeting.  After a quick recap of the first conversation, in order to confirm we are on the same page, we’ll take some time to give you the specifics of our service commitment to you. 

Our commitment to you...

Our personal service agreement will highlight how often you will hear from us, what we’ll be talking about, so that you never question where we are headed, or when we will get there. 

Some things for you to consider...

Once you are comfortable moving forward, we’ll offer some preliminary recommendations, based on the information you provide, appropriate to your financial situation.  These recommendation will focus on the “where” and “when” of money management.  In other words, we are going to make sure you are on the right track regarding your savings and risk management strategies.

Investment strategy

Your situation is unique...

Once we’ve established the “where” and “when,” we’ll address the “what.”  As your needs, timelines, appetites for various risks, are far different than anyone else’s, we’ll develop an investment strategy that fits your individual needs. 

Transparency is vital...

Once we identify a course of action, you will be clearly informed about any expenses you will incur.  Our priority is to make investment decisions based on what’s changing in your life, as well as the investment world.  As a result, our philosophy on compensation is designed so that you are confident our recommendations are in your best interests, rather than our best interests. 

Ongoing service

Where do we go from here?

We put a priority on a consistent relationship with our clients.  Though we will commit to meeting at least annually to discuss any changes in your world, as well as ours, there are times we will meet more frequently, depending on your individual situation.  We feel it’s important you know when you will next hear from us, and what we will be discussing.  

An on-demand resource...

Just because we may only have one scheduled meeting each year, doesn’t mean we aren’t available.  Since your personal life may change in the future, resulting in the need for attention to your financial life, we are available anytime you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed. 

Wealth management approach

Our disciplined approach integrates your objectives into a personalized plan that can be updated as life changes occur. We combine our sophisticated investment planning tools with our professional resources to help match your objectives with customized solutions.

  • Understanding Your Financial Objectives — We begin by asking questions to understand you and your financial objectives.
  • Determining Smart, Time-Tested Strategies — Next, we qualify and quantify your financial and personal information to match your objectives with sound strategies.
  • Implementing Thoughtful and Creative Solutions — Using these strategies, we develop customized solutions tailored to your objectives, drawing from a wide selection of world-class productsand services.
  • Providing Timely, Ongoing Service — We periodically review your situation to help ensure your financial objectives are being met.