Paul Keats

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus


Paul Keats got his first taste of the investment business in 1968 as a clerk on the Washington, D.C. trading desk of Francis I. DuPont & Company.

A year later, his blossoming career was interrupted by a letter from Richard Nixon ordering him to report to his local induction center. A quick trip to Fort Bragg, NC found him as a basic trainee with the rank of private. With a war in Southeast Asia, he volunteered for a course of training which might aid in self-preservation. He was assigned to the Engineering school at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to master the art of building bridges (and blowing them up). While there, the Army determined he might have a future as a small unit commander and he was directed to the Infantry Officers Basic Course (OCS) at Fort Benning, Georgia. He arrived three weeks early in Georgia and, despite his major fear of heights, he was ordered to parachute training at the Airborne School.

Paul’s luck held and it was determined he would be more useful as a Cavalry platoon leader in Germany.

Upon his release from active duty, he returned to Washington with the hope of resuming his participation in the investment business. Francis I. DuPont had gone out of business and a severe recession made investment opportunities unavailable until he was accepted into the training program at Reynolds Securities (later Dean Witter Reynolds) in March of 1975. To demonstrate his bravery, Paul married Carla on May 17, 1975 despite his meager salary as a broker-trainee. To demonstrate Carla’s bravery, she is still married to Paul after 44 years, three sons and six grandchildren.

For thirteen years, Paul worked with Dean Witter through several mergers and the firm’s acquisition by Sears Roebuck (“Stocks & Socks”).

Paul joined Shearson American Express in August, 1989. For the next twenty-three years, Paul remained with the firm through multiple name changes and more mergers. During that time his collection of business cards read, Shearson Lehman, Shearson Lehman Hutton, Smith Barney, Citigroup and then Morgan Stanley. Paul’s son, John joined him as his partner during the Citigroup Era.

On July 25, 2012, after careful consideration, Paul and John concluded that one final change was in order, and they joined RBC Wealth Management in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  With no plans for retirement, Paul and John, both Senior Vice Presidents – Investment Advisors have the very satisfying jobs of advising individuals, non-profit organizations, pension plans and anyone else who is in need of sound planning and investment advice.

John Keats, CFP®

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus


John has assisted clients with managing their financial resources and pursuing their financial goals since 2005. He works closely with clients to develop comprehensive and personalized wealth management solutions that consider that client’s unique goals and concerns. He and his father, Paul, partnered to form The Keats Group in 2005. The Keats Group is truly a family run practice that affords clients a boutique experience backed by the strength and resources of RBC Wealth Management.  Prior to joining RBC Wealth Management in 2012, they were with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and several of its predecessor firms.John earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification in 2011 and graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the Catholic University of America in 2004.  John and his wife, Samantha, live in Sterling, Virginia with their sons Wesley and George and their springer spaniel Olive.

Matthew Melton

Client Associate


Matt is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Keats Group. He is relied upon to process fund transfers, open and maintain new accounts, and to service new and existing client relationships.

Matt begun working at RBC as an intern in October 2018. After his internship, he took a job in advertising sales, but his love for the exciting world of finance brought him back to RBC in June 2019. A graduate of The George Washington University, he came out to Washington D.C. from sunny San Diego. Matt decided to stay in D.C. after school, where he currently lives in Adams Morgan.


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