Our investment process

Our process helps secure your financial well-being through each stage of life. From accumulation, distribution and estate planning, we help create a roadmap that’s easy to understand and follow, and is attainable.

Our role is to help ensure that your investment objectives are consistent with your financial concerns and your long-term aspirations by following these four steps:

1.)  Setting your financial objectives
Through a process of discovery and discussion, we work with you to articulate your goals for your wealth. Together we examine your current and future liabilities, income sources and cash flow needs. Then we consider factors that might influence your overall strategy, including risk tolerance, tax concerns, liquidity needs and time horizon. We look for potential gaps that may exist and develop sound strategies to help smooth the path.

2.)    Creating your strategy
Working from an understanding of you and your objectives, we create a personalized wealth management plan with specific strategies to help you meet those goals. Our advice may encompass issues such as retirement planning, business continuation, tax minimization potential and wealth transfer. You also receive an asset allocation strategy designed to provide diversification for your portfolio.

3.)    Implementing your plan
After discussing and refining your strategy, we work closely with you to bring it to life. Our performance-oriented solutions and resources are designed to achieve what matters most to you and your family, and our platform of investment strategies offers nearly unlimited choices of asset classes, product providers and asset managers.

4.)    Reviewing objectives and performance
We view ongoing communication as the foundation of our successful collaboration. We make every effort to stay abreast of your evolving financial needs and provide viable strategies to help you meet them. This means reviewing your portfolio together at your request. And when your circumstances change, we work with you to revise your strategy, make adjustments and reposition your assets to reflect your new needs and goals.

Preserving and protecting your wealth, is key to our process. And whether you are seeking to grow your assets, invest for income or solidify your retirement plan, we have the knowledge, experience and commitment to help manage your investments on an ongoing, fully discretionary basis.