Our Approach to Investing   


Actively Managed Advisory Portfolios

We have an investment approach that is entirely different from funds and vehicles that closely track the markets’ movements. It is best suited for investors who are looking for growth but who don’t want to take on all of the risks and volatility that comes with being 100% long stocks.


It is important to diversify among various markets but it is also important to manage the risks that come with diversification.  Getting exposure to markets is relatively easy.  Addressing the risk inherent in those markets takes active management, knowledge and experience.

Our actively managed advisory portfolios are designed with the goal to both preserve and grow your assets.  To accomplish this we invest in a number of individual securities with the goal of providing consistent returns with lower volatility and risk.


Investment strategies

We understand that in all markets there are times when it is appropriate to be more aggressive and take on risk, and also times when it is more appropriate to be conservative. 

We are flexible with our investment allocation.  We are typically invested in a abroad array of markets, including: domestic and foreign stocks, commodities, bonds, yield oriented funds, foreign currencies and other opportunities.


We use hedging instruments to limit the risk of specific positions and to manage our general market exposure.   This enables us to manage risk in volatile positions and verify all your investments are suitable for the portfolio.


Asset Allocation and Hedging

Portfolio management is approached from a market risk/reward perspective: if there is not enough potential reward in a market or specific position to justify the risk, we step away.  This means there are times when we are not fully invested and hold a large portion of the portfolio in cash, which may range from 5% up to 40%.


This ability to quickly change our investment stance in a particular market helps us manage risk in each part of the portfolio, and during times of high correlation between markets it helps us to effectively manage overall portfolio risk.  In addition to changing our relative allocation to various markets, we employ the use of various other hedging strategies.


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