Outreach in Kenya

We at The Market Street Group have always felt compelled to pay it forward in a greater way. Our current giving focus is centered in helping orphaned children in need.

Over the past year Pete and Rob have each donated $20,000 to help build a crisis relief center for youth in Kenya. We’re excited that the combined gift of $40,000 will help build a center to provide the most basic human needs, such as shelter, clean water and food, to children whose parents have died.

We’re partnering with In His Hands Orphans Outreach, a nonprofit that supports orphaned children around the globe, including in the U.S., Ukraine, Haiti, India and various African countries. Plans are already underway for the center, located in a rural area about five hours from Nairobi. The two-acre lot is already fenced in and nearby a local church currently feeding more than 70 orphaned children each day.

The goal is to have the center built and meeting the children’s basic needs and eventually expanding it into a school and/or vocational center. In addition to investing financially in this project, we’ve decided to invest some of our time. We visited Kenya in February and have plans for an additional trip later this year to learn more about the place and the people that you see featured through the photographic imagery.