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At RBC Wealth Management, we provide clients with the financial products and services only available from a leading global institution but delivered locally. This combination of local delivery with the capabilities of a large firm makes us unique in the financial services industry and gives us a distinct competitive advantage in the way we serve clients.

The Parker Group’s main focus is to create client portfolios that focus on meeting unique risk criteria while helping maximizing growth and income potential. Sometimes this means following a traditional asset allocation model and other times just the opposite.

We do not have a preferred list of providers which means that we provide guidance and investment options that are most suitable for our clients.

The Parker Group has in-depth experience providing investment products and services to match our client’s needs. RBC Wealth Management also provides us access to their elite research team, the Investment Advisory Group. IAG employs a comprehensive research and due diligence process to provide in-depth, ongoing guidance. Their ultimate goal is to safeguard clients from investments lacking rigor, definition, or implementation. Our due diligence process involves, but is not limited to: on-site visits, conference calls, reviewing manager-provided literature, regulatory filings and industry publications.

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