How we manage your wealth

Through a variety of products and strategies, we implement solutions that focus on providing income when needed at any stage of life. We have years of experience building wealth plans that match a client’s risk tolerance, as well as current and future needs. Based on our knowledge and experience, we are creative in our recommendations, often times incorporated options such as closed-end funds and hedging. We believe our successful comprehension of the balance between client needs and what the market can offer at any given period has been time tested for effectiveness.

We perform in an open-architecture environment that allows for pairing the right product with the right circumstance. Through the backing of our parent company, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC®), we have access to resources, both local and global, in a number of related disciplines that bring expertise on a variety of financial subjects.

In general, our philosophy is that there isn’t one set solution that fits every situation. Not even close. Therefore, we approach each new circumstance that is presented to us with no prejudgment as to what the answers should be. We listen. We learn. Then we help.